On UX Deliverables, Hardware and Being a UX Designer and a Fine Artist

What are the UX design deliverables?

  • User journey maps are great for identifying the motivations, touch points, and blocks. My latest favorite book on the subject is Donna Lichaw’s The User’s Journey: Storymapping Products That People Lovefrom Rosenfeld Media. Story maps can help you outline minute processes within an application, all the way up to the basic human need your product is addressing. It is so simple but very powerful.
  • I like user research videos because they tell so much more than a hundred lines of findings in a spreadsheet. The passion and frustration that real users show in video are priceless.
  • Wireframes are so old school, but essential for communicating design layout. Even pencil sketches are pretty amazing communication tools. There is a reason one of the most popular tools out there today is called Sketch.

What is the best hardware option for a UX designer?

Can you be UX designer and fine artist at the same time?




Co-Founder @DecisionFish, Advisor @Mucktracker, Researcher @Me2BAlliance and @KantaraFIRE, Adjunct Lecturer @CityTechCOMD, IA/UX/Researcher, MSLIS

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Noreen Whysel

Noreen Whysel

Co-Founder @DecisionFish, Advisor @Mucktracker, Researcher @Me2BAlliance and @KantaraFIRE, Adjunct Lecturer @CityTechCOMD, IA/UX/Researcher, MSLIS

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